What is Mimamori Gait?

“Is it possible to understand a person’s health condition without injuring or restricting the body?”, that is what we have thought for more than ten years. Our approach, as an answer for it, is to use accelerometers for gait analysis. Motion recorders equipped with three-dimensional acceleration sensors collect high-accuracy acceleration data 100 times a second. Also, it can achieve continuous measurement for over 24 hours. Our developed analysis engine, “SEARCHGAIT(™)”, analyzes this large volume of collected acceleration data and automatically calculated various health indices related primarily to walking. These indices include the number of steps, cadence, amount of activity and posture changes. Also, daily fluctuation of these health indices can be seen. By simply attaching motion recorder to your waist and spending a day usually, you can see the periods of day when you are not living in a healthy manner.
“MIMAMORI-Gait” will continue to minutely analyze the daily behavior of users and aim to provide a new type of health solution known as “Information Medicine”, which consists of the valuable information useful for health examinations, treatment and the prevention of various illnesses.

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Case Studies

Gait Cycle changes during a day’s activities. It’s also known that it impacts current health condition as well as individual differences and variations.

With this service, it can also track body tilt changes in addition of gait cycle. A lot of medical knowledge can be known from the body tilt.

To improve quality of life, it’s important to detect illness early. There are several illness that manifest as gait cycle changes at early, asymptomatic stage.

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“MIMAMORI-Gait” is a service meant to be used at research and medical institutions, but it’s not and examination device with established clinical significance.